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TPWSR24 1/2 oz. Tablets Sludge Remover

Atlantic Water Gardens

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Discover the effortless solution to pond maintenance with our easy-to-use 0.50-ounce sludge-eliminating tablets. Engineered to rapidly digest decomposing vegetation and fish waste, these tablets are plant and fish-safe, making them perfect for maintaining cleanliness in wading and swimming areas.
When applied as directed to the shoreline on a regular basis, these tablets can effectively remove up to 5 inches of muck per year, ensuring a pristine pond environment. Each TPWSR24 package includes a generous supply of 768 tablets, totaling 24 lbs, providing you with ample resources for ongoing maintenance.
With a recommended dosage of 64 tablets per 4000 sq. ft. every two weeks, this product can treat 4,000 sq. ft. for 6 months, offering long-lasting effectiveness and convenience. Elevate your pond maintenance routine with Shopify's sludge-eliminating tablets – the ultimate solution for achieving a clear, healthy pond that you'll love to showcase.
  • Your pond remains crystal clear, and bottom sludge is kept to a minimum
  • Contains a variety of bacteria that digest sludge
  • Strong enough to prevent excess build-up
  • Gentle enough to avoid oxygen depletion

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