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TADKIT3600 Professional Aeration Kit, Black

Atlantic Water Gardens

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Welcome to Atlantic's premium range of professional diffuser kits, meticulously crafted to meet the elevated oxygen demands of larger water gardens and Koi ponds. Engineered for superior performance, our diffuser kits feature a circular design that optimizes upwelling and water circulation, ensuring a healthy and vibrant aquatic environment.
Each kit is thoughtfully curated to provide all the essential components needed for effective oxygenation and water circulation. This includes an air pump with a generous 6-foot cord, ensuring flexibility in placement, an 8-inch diffuser that efficiently releases oxygen into the water, fittings for seamless installation, an in-line check valve to prevent backflow and maintain system integrity, and 3/8-inch weighted tubing that stays securely in place for reliable operation.
With Atlantic's professional diffuser kits, you can trust that your water feature will receive the necessary oxygenation to support the well-being of your aquatic inhabitants. Whether you have a sprawling water garden or a majestic Koi pond, our high-output diffusers ensure optimal water quality and clarity.
Experience the difference in water circulation and oxygenation with Atlantic's professional diffuser kits. Explore our collection today and discover how our premium-grade components can elevate the health and beauty of your aquatic paradise.
  • High output for larger water gardens and koi ponds with greater oxygen demand
  • Circular diffuser design maximizes upwelling and water circulation
  • High efficiency non-clogging diffuser Tubing reduces friction for increased air flow
  • Kits include air pump with 6' Cord, (2) 8" Diffusers, fittings, in-line check valve, 2-way splitter and 3/8" Weighted Tubing

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