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Hunter Industries Sprinkler PCB25 Pressure Compensating Trickle Spray Bubbler, 0.25 GPM

Hunter Industries

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Explore Hunter's dedication to crafting high-quality products that prioritize water and energy efficiency, ensuring optimal performance while minimizing environmental impact.
Hunter introduces an innovative solution for deep watering needs, offering enhanced efficiency compared to traditional drip irrigation methods. Our PCB (Pressure Compensating Bubbler) and PCN (Pressure Compensating Nozzle) technology revolutionize the way water is distributed, maintaining a consistent water output regardless of pressure differentials. This results in precise water application, ensuring every plant, shrub, or tree receives the exact amount of water required without any excess runoff or waste.
Installation is simple and hassle-free, providing a superior alternative to drip irrigation systems. With no need for complex filtration systems or unsightly above-ground tubes, the risk of damage is significantly reduced. Hunter's PCB and PCN offer a more attractive and efficient way to deep water, delivering unparalleled convenience and reliability.
Choose from our diverse lineup of PCB Bubbler Nozzles, featuring four different models with color-coded flow rates ranging from 0.25 to 2.0 gallons per minute (GPM). Eliminate guesswork and ensure precise watering tailored to each plant's needs. Alternatively, opt for our AFB model, which pressure compensates to a 2.0 GPM flow and can be fine-tuned with a stainless steel screw adjustment.
Taking innovation one step further, our PCN Bubbler Nozzles are specifically designed for SRS, Pro-Spray, or Institutional Spray applications. Enjoy all the benefits of traditional drip irrigation with the added convenience of a product that sits atop a riser, retracting into the ground when not in use. This tamper-proof and visually appealing method of deep watering is the ideal solution for modern landscaping needs.
Experience the future of irrigation with Hunter's PCB and PCN technology, offering unmatched efficiency, precision, and ease of use. Let the idea of Hunter's innovative solutions sink in and transform the way you approach deep watering for your landscape.

  • Hunter Industries prides itself on providing the best homeowner support in the irrigation industry
  • With the ability to compensate for pressure differences, these nozzles allow the output of water to remain constant
  • With easy installation and the ultimate in reliability, now every plant can receive the same amount of water required with no excess runoff or waste

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