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Hunter I90 Adjustable Large Turf Rotor | I90ADV

Hunter I90 Adjustable Large Turf Rotor | I90ADV

Hunter Industries

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Elevate your turf irrigation game with the Hunter I-90 Adjustable Large Turf Rotor. Designed for natural turf, parks, sports fields, and public areas, the I-90 stands out as Hunter's longest-distance rotor, delivering water with precision and efficiency across expansive landscapes.
With an impressive radius of up to 101 feet, the I-90 boasts unparalleled throw capability, making it ideal for large-scale applications. Despite its exceptional reach, the rotor features a reduced-size diameter and cushioned rubber cover, ensuring compatibility with parks, wide-open lawn areas, and perimeter watering of athletic fields and horse arenas.
Ease of maintenance is another hallmark of the I-90 rotor, thanks to its jar-top body cap design. This innovative feature allows for quick access to the filter screen and check valve without the need for additional tools or parts. Whether you're servicing a sprawling sports field or a vast public park, the I-90 streamlines the maintenance process for maximum convenience.
The I-90 rotor is available in two versatile models: a full-circle opposing-nozzle version and an adjustable arc model. Both options come equipped with color-coded nozzles, facilitating easy identification and customization. Choose from a range of trajectory options, including standard 22.5-degree and low-angle 15-degree nozzles, to tailor your irrigation system to the specific needs of your site.
Experience unmatched performance and reliability with the Hunter I-90 Adjustable Large Turf Rotor. Whether you're tasked with watering expansive turf areas or maintaining athletic fields, the I-90 delivers consistent, efficient watering to help you achieve lush, vibrant landscapes with ease. Trust in the durability and precision of the Hunter I-90 to take your turf irrigation to new heights.
Brand Hunter
Type Rotor
Application Commercial
Body Height 11
Inlet Size 1-1/2 in.
Pressure Range (PSI) 70-120
Warranty 5 Years
Spray Pattern Adjustable Arc
Spray Radius 63 ft. - 101 ft.
Advanced Features Check Valve
Pop-Up Height 3 in.
Check Valve Check Valve

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