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Atlantic Water Gardens Biomax+ WTBM1G Enhanced Biological Conditioner, 1 gal, clear

Atlantic Water Gardens

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Discover the power of Clarity Blast, an innovative and all-natural treatment specially formulated to rejuvenate your water features. Crafted with a proprietary blend of bacteria and enzymes, Clarity Blast delivers unmatched performance by targeting attached organics, breaking down sludge, and eliminating organic debris that can accumulate over time.
By harnessing the synergy of beneficial bacteria and enzymes, Clarity Blast not only removes existing buildup but also prevents future accumulation, ensuring long-lasting clarity and cleanliness. Whether it's waterfalls, streams, ponds, plant pots, or filters, Clarity Blast effectively cleans and revitalizes a variety of aquatic environments, restoring their natural beauty and vitality.
Experience the transformative effects of Clarity Blast and enjoy crystal-clear water in your water features. Shop now and give your aquatic ecosystem the care it deserves with Clarity Blast.
  • Regular applications maintain a healthy, balanced ecosystem
  • Use weekly to keep water clean and clear
  • Made in United States
  • Brand name: Atlantic Water Gardens

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