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Rainbird WC100 Wire Connector (100/box)

Rain Bird

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Boost the efficiency of your irrigation installation crew with Rain Bird's innovative WC100 Wire Connectors. Designed to simplify the wiring process and provide reliable moisture sealing, these connectors are the only ones you'll need for all your two-wire control system projects.

Key Features of Rain Bird's WC100 Wire Connectors:

1. Quick and easy installation, saving valuable time on the job site
2. Ideal for use on all two-wire control systems
3. Accommodates a wide range of wire combinations, from 22ga to 8ga
4. Suitable for connections from 24 VAC to 600 VAC
5. UL 486D is listed as a sealed wire connector system for added peace of mind
6. Integrated strain relief ensures secure wire connections that won't pull apart
7. Waterproof silicone grease protects against corrosion for long-lasting performance
8. UV-resistant material prevents degradation from sun exposure, even after prolonged periods

Simplify your inventory management with Rain Bird's WC100 Wire Connectors. These versatile connectors are suitable for a wide range of wire combinations and voltage requirements, eliminating the need for multiple connector types on your job site.
Avoid costly callbacks and repairs by investing in a reliable wire connector system. The WC100's strain relief feature ensures secure connections that won't pull apart, while the waterproof silicone grease and UV-resistant material protect against corrosion and sun damage, respectively.
Unlike other wire connectors on the market, Rain Bird's WC100 is the only brand to offer UV protection. This feature is crucial for preventing damage to unprotected plastic when stored in the cargo bed of your crew's pickup truck during transportation to the job site.
Streamline your irrigation wiring process and ensure long-lasting performance with Rain Bird's WC100 Wire Connectors. Boost the efficiency of your installation crew and provide your clients with a reliable, moisture-sealed wiring system that stands the test of time.
Upgrade to Rain Bird's WC100 Wire Connectors and experience the benefits of a simplified, high-performance wiring solution for your two-wire control system projects.

Attribute Value
Height 3 11/16" (9,37 cm)
Width 1 1/2" (3,81 cm)
Depth 1 3/16" (3,02 cm)
Maximum Voltage Rating 600V
Temperature Rating 221° F (105° C)
Silicone Sealant Temperature -45°F to 400°F (-43°C to 204°C)

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