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Rainbird U12Q U-Series Sprinkler Nozzle of 12'(90 Degree) Quarter-Circle

Rainbird U12Q U-Series Sprinkler Nozzle of 12'(90 Degree) Quarter-Circle

Rain Bird

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Transform your lawn and garden with Rain Bird's U-series nozzles, meticulously engineered to provide consistent coverage across the spray pattern, ensuring your landscape stays lush and vibrant. Designed for compatibility with all Rain Bird spray head sprinklers, these nozzles offer versatility and reliability.
Choose from a variety of spray patterns to suit your lawn's unique watering requirements, whether it's a quarter-circle, half-circle, or full-circle. Rain Bird U-series nozzles are engineered to deliver water efficiently, minimizing brown spots near the sprinkler head and reducing overall watering times, leading to significant water and cost savings.
Upgrade your irrigation system today with Rain Bird's U-series nozzles and enjoy the benefits of a healthier lawn and garden with uniform watering and enhanced plant growth. Shop now on Shopify and take the first step toward a greener, more sustainable landscape.
  • Additional orifice for close-in watering
  • Minimizes dry brown spots around spray heads
  • Low scheduling coefficient for efficient watering
  • Fine mesh screen protects bottom orifice from debris
  • Stainless steel adjustment screw to adjust flow and radius

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