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Pond Logic - PondClear Liquid


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Restore pond clarity, water quality and pond balance with Pond Logic PondClear. PondClear contains specialized strains of beneficial aerobic bacteria that digest organic debris that cause decreased water clarity, muck accumulation and pond imbalance.

Clean, Clear, Healthy and Balanced

Water clarity issues and water imbalances are commonly caused by an abundance of organic debris brought on my fish waste, leaves and other plant decay. The beneficial aerobic bacteria in Pond Logic PondClear quickly go to work to consume organic debris that cause cloudy water, muck accumulation, foul pond odors and imbalanced pond water.

Give Your Pond a Boost with PondClear Liquid Natural Bacteria.

Pond Logic PondClear Liquid is perfect for giving your pond a boost of natural, beneficial bacteria during spring startup or after heavy rainfalls that can wash in additional debris and organics into the pond.

Fish, Plant and Wildlife Friendly

Pond Logic PondClear is a completely natural product. When used in accordance with label directions PondClear is completely safe for your fish, plants, pets and pond wildlife.

Dosage Rate

  • Use 1/2 gallons of PondClear Liquid every 2 weeks per 1/4 surface acre.
  • 1 gal treats 1/4 acre pond for up to 1 month.

How To Apply

Shake use before use. Apply directly out of the container. PondClear works best when poured in several spots along the shoreline.

When To Apply

Apply PondClear every 2 weeks when water temperatures are above 50°F. Wait 3 days after an algaecide and/or herbicide treatment to apply PondClear.

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