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Polar Parka All Season Backflow Protector

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Polar Parka
Unsurpassed Backflow Preventer Protection

A backflow device is an important investment that needs to be protected. Presenting Polar Parka, a four-season insulated backflow cover that protects your backflow preventer year-round. Up until now, there was no effective way to protect these devices from the all the elements and from tampering. Attempts to protect backflow preventers from freeze damage using burlap, tape or plastic create an environmental eyesore and fail to adequately protect the device.

Features of all Polar Parka covers:

  • Rugged 18 oz fabric, vinyl coated for water resistance
  • Double-stitched construction
  • Polar insulation, polyester fiber
  • Waterproof / fire resistant
  • Lockable eyelets prevent unauthorized removal
Polar Parka's Four Season Protection
Winter Provides protection in cold-weather conditions.
Spring Sudden temperature changes can require “re-winterization” of many systems. Polar Parka protects the device.
Summer Protects device from damaging UV rays.
Fall Strong winds and falling debris can be more than a nuisance to handles and test cocks.

Always measure your device or contact Yard Outlet for exact sizing information. Many model dimensions and styles have changed through the years, so exact measurements will be most precise. Reference the table below to find the dimensions of the Polar Parka that will be fit your backflow.

Part Number Height
Brands / Sizes
PK-190 20 19 6 3/4",1" Febco PVB, 3/4" Watts and Wilkins PVB
PK-330 30 22 6 All Febco,Watts and Wilkins PVB, 1 1/4" DC and RP
PK-440 44 30 6 1 1/2" & 2" Febco, Watts, Wilkins, RP and DC
PK-500 60 48 6 2" and Larger RP and DC
PK-650 78 54 8
PK-800 96 54 8
PK-1000 120 54 8



  • Length/Depth (Primary): 6
  • Height (Primary): 20
  • Width (Primary): 19

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