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Hunter Sprinkler ROAMXLKIT Roam XL Irrigation Controller Transmitter and Receiver

Hunter Industries

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Maximize efficiency and convenience in managing large-scale irrigation systems with our high-powered remote solutions, designed to cover vast distances effortlessly. Ideal for expansive sites like shopping centers, industrial complexes, college campuses, and multi-unit housing complexes, our remote systems offer unparalleled performance and reliability. With robust transmission capabilities, our remotes ensure seamless communication with your irrigation controllers over extended distances, providing reliable control and management across expansive areas. Say goodbye to manual adjustments and labor-intensive monitoring, as our remotes empower you to efficiently manage your irrigation system from a centralized location. Whether you need to activate watering cycles, adjust run times, or monitor system performance, our high-powered remotes offer the flexibility and control you need to optimize water usage and maintain lush, healthy landscapes. Streamline your irrigation management process and enhance productivity with our advanced remote solutions tailored for large-scale applications. Experience the convenience of remote irrigation management on a grand scale, ensuring optimal water distribution and landscape health across even the largest of properties. Trust in our high-powered remotes to deliver reliable performance and unparalleled convenience, allowing you to focus on the success and sustainability of your landscape projects.

  • The Roam XL is as powerful as they come and features a simple user interface with 128 different programmable addresses
  • Within the line of sight, it can function up to two miles from the controller
  • The compact, high-powered remote is a single unit that can be used to remotely access any Hunter controller that has a Smart Port connector

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