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Hunter Industries WSSSEN Wireless Solar Sync for use with ACC and X-Core controllers

Hunter Industries WSSSEN Wireless Solar Sync for use with ACC and X-Core controllers

Hunter Industries

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Hunter is dedicated to producing top-quality irrigation products that maximize efficiency in water and energy use, ensuring your landscaping thrives while conserving valuable resources. With a commitment to innovation and sustainability, Hunter's product line includes everything from high-performance sprinklers and drip irrigation systems to state-of-the-art controllers and sensors.
Hunter's irrigation solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of residential, commercial, and agricultural landscapes. Whether you're maintaining a small garden, a sprawling lawn, or a large agricultural field, Hunter products offer reliable and precise water distribution, reducing waste and promoting healthier plant growth.
Key features of Hunter irrigation products include:

  • Efficiency: Engineered to minimize water and energy consumption, Hunter products help you achieve optimal irrigation with minimal environmental impact.
  • Quality: Made from durable materials, Hunter's irrigation systems are built to withstand the elements and deliver consistent performance year after year.
  • Innovation: Hunter continually invests in research and development to bring you the latest advancements in irrigation technology, from weather-based controllers to pressure-regulated sprinklers.
  • Versatility: With a wide range of products designed for different applications, Hunter provides solutions for gardens, lawns, parks, sports fields, and agricultural zones.
  • Ease of Use: Hunter products are user-friendly, featuring intuitive controls and easy installation processes, making it simple for both homeowners and professionals to implement and maintain efficient irrigation systems.
    Choose Hunter for your irrigation needs and experience the perfect balance of performance, sustainability, and reliability. Invest in Hunter's advanced irrigation solutions to keep your landscape lush and green while conserving water and energy for future generations.
  • Hunter Industries prides itself on providing the best homeowner support in the irrigation industry
  • Hunter Industries is committed to research and development efforts centered on innovative solutions that save water
  • Includes wireless solar sync sensor and wireless receiver (Module not required for X-Core, I-Core and ACC controllers)

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