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Hunter Industries - RZWS3650CV - 36" Root Zone Watering System, 0.50 GPM

Hunter Industries

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Ensure the robust growth of young plants and trees with the Hunter Root Zone Watering System (RZWS), meticulously designed to deliver precise irrigation and consistent oxygen exchange across all levels of the root zone. This system encourages roots to grow deep, keeping them safely below ground, and enabling plants to become strong and fully established.
The RZWS is equipped with Hunter’s patented StrataRoot™ design, featuring a series of internal baffles that expertly direct water, oxygen, and nutrients directly to the root zone. This innovative design also enhances the irrigation cylinder's durability by providing added rigidity, ensuring long-lasting performance in various conditions.
Pre-assembled for quick and easy installation, the RZWS simplifies the process for residential and commercial applications alike. Its enclosed design, coupled with a protective grate, safeguards the irrigation hardware from vandalism, making it an ideal choice for public spaces and high-traffic areas.
Hunter’s Root Zone Watering System is perfect for efficiently irrigating trees and shrubs, delivering essential hydration throughout the root zone. This promotes deep root growth and overall plant health, making it an indispensable tool for gardeners, landscapers, and property managers.
Optimize your irrigation strategy with the Hunter RZWS and experience the benefits of advanced root zone watering technology. The system is designed to support the healthy growth of your plants, ensuring they receive the hydration and oxygen they need to thrive in any environment. Trust Hunter's innovative solutions to enhance your landscaping projects and achieve exceptional results.

  • 36" Root Zone Watering System
  • Factory Installed 0.50 GPM Bubbler
  • Check Valve

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