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Hunter Industries RZWS3650 - 36" Root Zone Watering System

Hunter Industries RZWS3650 - 36" Root Zone Watering System

Hunter Industries

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To ensure young plants and trees thrive, proper irrigation and oxygen exchange across their root zones are essential. Hunter addresses this need with the innovative Root Zone Watering System (RZWS), designed to optimize root health and plant establishment. Featuring Hunter’s patented StrataRoot™ design, the RZWS incorporates internal baffles that direct water, oxygen, and nutrients precisely where they are needed most—deep within the root zone. This design encourages robust root growth and plant resilience.

The RZWS is engineered for durability and efficiency. Its sturdy irrigation cylinder, reinforced by the StrataRoot™ baffles, ensures long-term performance and protection against root interference. Pre-assembled for convenience, installation is straightforward, making it ideal for landscapers and contractors seeking reliable solutions.

Security is paramount with the RZWS. Its enclosed design and protective grate safeguard irrigation components from tampering and vandalism, ensuring continuous operation and longevity in public spaces and landscapes.

For landscapers and property managers looking to enhance plant health and longevity, the Hunter RZWS offers unmatched efficiency and effectiveness in delivering water throughout the root zone. Invest in the RZWS to promote strong, resilient plant growth and establish thriving landscapes with ease.


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