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Hunter Industries HDL0918500PC Drip line, pressure-compensating, 0.9 GPH, 18" spacing, 500

Hunter Industries HDL0918500PC Drip line, pressure-compensating, 0.9 GPH, 18" spacing, 500

Hunter Industries

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Transform your landscape irrigation with Hunter Dripline, featuring advanced pressure-compensating technology. This high-efficiency dripline delivers a precise flow rate of 0.9 gallons per hour (GPH) with 18-inch emitter spacing over a generous 500-foot length. Ideal for residential and commercial use, Hunter Dripline ensures uniform water distribution, promoting lush gardens, vibrant lawns, and thriving crops.

Designed for ease of installation and durability, this dripline is UV-resistant and crafted to withstand varying weather conditions. Its pressure-compensating feature maintains consistent water flow, making it perfect for slopes and uneven terrain. Upgrade your irrigation system today with Hunter Dripline to experience reliable performance and efficient water management.

Key Features:

  • 0.9 GPH Flow Rate: Provides precise water application
  • 18" Spacing: Ensures uniform coverage across your landscape
  • 500' Length: Suitable for medium to large-scale irrigation projects
  • Pressure-Compensating Technology: Maintains consistent flow regardless of elevation changes
  • Durable and UV-Resistant: Long-lasting performance in all weather conditions


  • Residential gardens
  • Commercial landscapes
  • Agricultural fields

Enhance your outdoor spaces with Hunter Dripline, engineered for optimal irrigation efficiency and sustainability. Shop now and elevate your gardening and landscaping efforts with premium-quality drip irrigation technology from Hunter.

Attribute Description
Brand Residential & Commercial Irrigation
Product Line Micro Irrigation
Product Model HDL
SKU HDL0918500PC
UPC-A 0611698514870
Master Carton 1
Land Pallet 28
Ocean Pallet 32
Qty. / Bag 1
Model Number HDL-09-18-500-PC
Quantity 1
Flow Rate 0.9 GPH
Coil Length 500'
Emitter Spacing 18"
Feature Options Pressure-compensating
Inline Irrigation Drip irrigation
Online Irrigation Tubing

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