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Hunter Industries HDL06121KR Drip line, pressure-compensating,

Hunter Industries HDL06121KR Drip line, pressure-compensating,

Hunter Industries

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Enhance your irrigation efficiency with the Hunter pressure-compensating dripline, engineered for optimal water distribution over extensive distances. This advanced dripline is designed to deliver a consistent flow rate of 2.1 liters per hour (l/hr) with precise 30 cm spacing, ensuring uniform watering across large areas up to 300 meters in length.
Crafted for durability and performance, the dripline features a specialized pressure-compensating mechanism that maintains uniform water output even under varying pressures, making it ideal for reclaimed water systems. Whether used in landscaping, agriculture, or large-scale gardening, this dripline system ensures efficient water usage while promoting healthy plant growth and sustainability. |
Hunter's commitment to quality and innovation is evident in every aspect of this discipline, from its robust construction to its reliable performance in diverse environmental conditions. Ensure optimal irrigation with the Hunter pressure-compensating dripline, a trusted choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike seeking dependable water management solutions.

Brand Hunter Industries 
Product Line Micro Irrigation
Product Model HDL
UPC-A 0611698514917
Master Carton 1
Land Pallet 16
Ocean Pallet 20
Qty. / Bag 1
Notes -
Flow Rate 2.1 l/hr
Coil Length 300 m
Emitter Spacing 30 cm
Feature Options Reclaimed water
Inline Irrigation Drip irrigation
Online Irrigation Tubing

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