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Corona Lighting 12V Brick Lights 7w Copper Lensed Face Plate with White Acrylic Lens CX878CRC

Corona Lighting 12V Brick Lights 7w Copper Lensed Face Plate with White Acrylic Lens CX878CRC

Corona Lighting

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Enhance your outdoor lighting with the **Corona LED 12V Brick Light**, model CX878CRC. This 7W fixture features a beautifully crafted copper lensed face plate paired with a white acrylic lens, all in a raw copper finish. Designed to provide both functionality and aesthetic appeal, this brick light is perfect for illuminating pathways, walls, and other exterior features.

**Key Features:**

- **Model**: CX-878C-RC
- **Voltage**: 12V
- **Power Consumption**: 7W
- **Face Plate**: Copper lensed with white acrylic lens
- **Finish**: Raw Copper, which will develop a natural patina over time
- **Application**: Ideal for pathways, walls, steps, and other outdoor areas
The raw copper face plate of the Corona LED Brick Light ensures durability and a timeless look that will age gracefully, adding character to your outdoor spaces. The white acrylic lens provides a soft, diffused light that enhances the ambiance while ensuring safety and visibility.
This brick light is designed for easy installation and long-lasting performance, making it an excellent choice for homeowners and landscape designers who want to create a sophisticated and well-lit outdoor environment. The combination of high-quality materials and energy-efficient LED technology ensures that your lighting solution is both effective and sustainable.


Durability: The raw copper face plate is built to withstand the elements and offers a classic look that improves with age.
Efficiency: The 7W LED light provides ample illumination while consuming minimal energy.
Aesthetic Appeal: The combination of copper and white acrylic creates a visually appealing fixture that complements any outdoor setting.
Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of outdoor applications, from residential pathways to commercial landscapes.
Illuminate your outdoor spaces with the elegance and efficiency of the Corona LED 12V Brick Light. Invest in a lighting solution that not only enhances your property's safety and functionality but also adds a touch of timeless beauty.

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