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Atlantic Water Gardens TANK GAUGE RHTG

Atlantic Water Gardens TANK GAUGE RHTG

Atlantic Water Gardens

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Ensure optimal performance and prevent costly issues with Atlantic's innovative Tank Gauge. This essential accessory allows you to easily monitor the water level in your basin, making it a must-have for any pond, waterfall, or irrigation system.

Key features of the Atlantic Tank Gauge:

1. Monitors water level of any storage system, including Atlantic's Pump Vaults
2. Quick and easy installation, suitable for both new and existing tanks
3. Easy-to-read dial face with clear "Empty" and "Full" indicators
4. Calibrated for holding systems up to 8' deep
5. Durable construction for long-lasting performance
6. Compact design that blends seamlessly with your tank's appearance

The Tank Gauge's versatility allows it to be used with a wide range of storage systems, ensuring you can accurately monitor water levels regardless of your setup. Its universal compatibility makes it an essential addition to any pond or water feature, allowing you to maintain optimal water levels for peak performance.
Installation is a breeze, with no complex wiring or complicated setup procedures. Simply mount the gauge to your tank and adjust the float arm to your desired water level range. The easy-to-read dial face takes the guesswork out of monitoring, with clear "Empty" and "Full" indicators that let you know at a glance if your system needs attention.
Calibrated for holding systems up to 8' deep, the Tank Gauge is suitable for a variety of applications, from small backyard ponds to large-scale commercial water features. Its durable construction and compact design ensure long-lasting performance and a discreet appearance that won't detract from your water feature's aesthetics.
Invest in Atlantic's Tank Gauge to take the stress out of water level monitoring. This essential accessory provides peace of mind, allowing you to quickly identify potential issues and take corrective action before they become costly problems. Upgrade your water feature with the Atlantic Tank Gauge and enjoy the benefits of effortless water level monitoring.

Attribute Value
Model RHTG
Item 74263
Outlet Requires 1¼" hole for installation
For Use With RHPV
Dimensions 3¾"L x 2¾"W x 4½"H

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