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Atlantic Water Gardens SM CLEAR WATER SYSTEM KIT - 11' X 11' PKCW161515

Atlantic Water Gardens SM CLEAR WATER SYSTEM KIT - 11' X 11' PKCW161515

Atlantic Water Gardens

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Transform your outdoor space with the Atlantic-Oase Clear Water System Kits, where exceeding expectations meets effortless maintenance. Designed to deliver pristine water clarity even under heavy fish loads, these kits redefine pond ownership. Featuring an Atlantic Skimmer that efficiently removes floating debris before it sinks, and an Oase pump that handles fish waste and directs it to a multistage filter system.
This EPA-certified filtration system mechanically screens out particulates, biologically processes toxic ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate, and clarifies water with ultraviolet light. The result? The pond you've always envisioned is effortlessly realized in just the right size kit—all components are expertly matched and included.
Maintenance is a breeze with filters that clean in minutes without the mess, ensuring you spend more time enjoying your clear, vibrant pond. Complete with everything from liners to plumbing, these kits offer perfectly matched components that keep surfaces clear of debris and effectively manage organic matter at the pond bottom.
Experience the ease of multi-stage complimentary filtration that minimizes upkeep and maximizes the enjoyment of your outdoor oasis with Atlantic-Oase Clear Water System Kits.

  • A complete pond kit with all the equipment needed - liner, pump, plumbing, filtration and more.
  • Perfectly matched components remove leaves and debris off the surface, as well as heavy organics off the bottom.
  • Multi-stage complimentary filtration reduces maintenance, so you can enjoy your pond more.

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