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Atlantic Water Gardens  LF1310 - Foam Gun (Steel) Contractor

Atlantic Water Gardens LF1310 - Foam Gun (Steel) Contractor

Atlantic Water Gardens

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Elevate your pond and waterfall construction projects with the Atlantic Foam Gun Contractor Steel. This high-quality applicator gun is designed for professional landscapers and serious DIY enthusiasts who demand precision and efficiency in their waterfall foam application.
The Foam Gun Contractor Steelworks seamlessly with Atlantic's FallsFoam, a high-density closed-cell foam that fills voids and directs water flow over waterfall rocks rather than underneath[1]. This powerful combination ensures your water features maintain their intended design and functionality, resisting foot traffic and waterlogging for long-lasting results.
Key features of this professional-grade tool include:

1. Durable steel construction for extended use and reliability
2. Precise foam dispensing for optimal coverage and minimal waste
3. Compatibility with Atlantic's FallsFoam and other professional-grade foams
4. Easy-to-use design for efficient application on large-scale projects
5. Adjustable flow control for versatile application in various scenarios

The Foam Gun Contractor Steel is an essential tool for creating stunning, leak-free waterfalls and streams. It allows you to strategically fill gaps between rocks, ensuring water flows exactly where you want it[2]. This precision not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your water features but also improves their overall efficiency and longevity.
To maintain your Foam Gun Contractor Steel in top condition, use it with Atlantic's Foam Cleaner, which quickly dissolves uncured foam to keep the gun and surrounding areas clean[1]. This maintenance routine will extend the life of your tool and ensure consistent performance across multiple projects.
Invest in the Atlantic Foam Gun Contractor Steel to streamline your waterfall construction process, achieve professional results, and create breathtaking water features that will impress clients and enhance outdoor spaces for years to come.

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