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Atlantic Water Gardens 3" X 100' SEAM TAPE LI SEAMTAPE3

Atlantic Water Gardens

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Atlantic's Seam Tape and Primer work in tandem to create long-lasting, watertight seams and effectively repair any accidental rips or tears in your pond liner or other waterproofing applications. This powerful duo delivers professional-grade results, making it an essential solution for DIY enthusiasts and landscaping professionals alike.
The LI SEAMTAPE6 Seam Tape is a double-sided tape measuring 3" x 100', providing ample coverage for your project needs. Its strong, durable bond withstands water pressure and the test of time, ensuring your pond or water feature remains leak-free. Pair it with the LI PRIMERGAL Multi-Purpose Primer, a 1-gallon solution that prepares EPDM liner surfaces for optimal adhesion with the Seam Tape.
Whether you're constructing a new pond, repairing an existing liner, or waterproofing other structures, Atlantic's Seam Tape and Primer offers a reliable, easy-to-use system that delivers superior results. Protect your investment and safeguard the longevity of your water features by sealing it right the first time with Atlantic's waterproofing essentials.
Don't let leaks compromise your pond or water garden – trust Atlantic's proven Seam Tape and Primer combination to create durable, watertight seams and effortlessly repair any accidental rips or tears. Ensure the long-term integrity of your water features with this high-quality, professional-grade solution.

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LI SEAMTAPE3 74184 3" x 100'

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