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K-Rain - 6404 - Four Outlet, 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" Indexing Valves, 4 Zone - K-Rain

K-Rain - 6404 - Four Outlet, 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" Indexing Valves, 4 Zone


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The 6000 valve is available in 4 or 6 outlet models that are cammed for 2 to 6 zone operation. With only one moving part (the stem and disk assembly), the valve is easily serviced and maintained.

The 6000 line of indexing valves offers exceptional reliability and durability even under the dirtiest water conditions. With a metal die-cast body, the 6000 valves are capable of high pressure applications and are recommended to be used on pump-fed systems or high flow city water systems. The 6000 is also idea for onsite waste water and effluent water applications.

  • Metal Die-Cast Body-Durable, long lasting, and capable of high pressure applications.
  • Available in 4 and 6 Outlet Models-Can quickly and easily change from two to six watering zones.
  • Simplicity of Design-Valves are easily maintained and serviced for long product life.
  • Operates at 15 GPM at Pressures of 15 – 150 PSI-Ideal for pump-fed systems or high-flow city water systems.
  • Built-In Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker-Releases any vacuum created between the pump and the valve on shut-down.



  • Flow Rate: 15 - 150 GPH
  • Inlet: 1 1/2" x 1 1/2"
  • Inlet Thread: Female NPT
  • Pressure Rating: 25 - 150 PSI

Installation Tips:

  • We Recommend the Installation of an Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker
    Between the Pump and the Valve.


    1. PROBLEM: Valve Does Not Change or Cycle to Next Zone or Outlet.

        • CAUSE: The stem and disk assembly is not rotating when the water flow is turned OFF and then back ON.
        • SOLUTION: Ensure there is no debris inside the cam. Clean and carefully reinstall the cam.
        • SOLUTION: If fewer than the maximum number of outlets are being used, check the installation of the cam. Ensure that the stem and disk assembly is not being held down by an improperly installed cam. Refer to the Cam Replacement Instructions.
        • SOLUTION: Remove the valve top and check for proper movement of stem and disk assembly. Check for and remove any debris or foreign objects that may jam or retard the movement of the disk.
        • SOLUTION: Check for freedom of movement of stem and disk assembly up and down over the center pin in bottom of valve. Scale deposits may build up on the pin and hold stem and disk assembly down. Clean pin and again check for freedom of movement.
        • SOLUTION: Be sure that all operating outlets are not capped and that the flow to operating zones is not restricted in any manner. This would cause pressure to build up in the valve and lock the stem and disk assembly in the down position.
        • SOLUTION: The back flow of water from uphill lines may be preventing the valve from cycling properly. This can happen when the valve is placed too far
          below an elevated irrigation line. If the valve cannot be placed close to the
          high point of the system, a check valve should be installed near the valve in
          the outlet line that runs uphill from the valve.

          2. PROBLEM: Water Comes Out of all the Valve Outlets


          • CAUSE: Stem and disk assembly not seating properly on valve outlet.
          • SOLUTION: Check for sufficient water flow. A minimum of 10 GPM is required to properly seat the disk. For water flow between 6 and 10 GPM, a stem and disk assembly with a lighter spring is available.
          • SOLUTION: Remove the valve top and check the inside walls to ensure that nothing is interfering with the up and down movement of the stem and disk assembly inside the valve.
          • CAUSE: Too many sprinkler heads on a zone will cause insufficient pressure for disk to seat over valve outlet.
          • SOLUTION: Reduce the number of heads on the zone to obtain the proper sprinkler operating pressure.
        1. 3. PROBLEM: Valve Skips Outlets or Zones
          • CAUSE: For a pump installation, the pump may be losing its prime, causing the water flow to surge. This will cause the valve to cycle quickly several times, skipping one or more zones. Verify that the flow to the valve is constant by removing the valve top and watch the flow when the pump is turned ON after having been OFF for at least 15 minutes. The flow should be steady and uninterrupted.
          • SOLUTION: Seal any pump suction line leaks.
          • SOLUTION: Replace or install suction line check valve to prevent pump from losing its prime.
          • CAUSE: The stem and disk assembly is being advanced past the desired outlet.
          • SOLUTION: Ensure that the correct cam for the desired number of zones is installed and that the outlet lines are installed to the correct outlet ports of the valves as indicated by the zone numbers on the top of the cam.

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