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Reinders - 50102 - Warm White LED Cascading Tube Light, 36 Inch - Reinders

Reinders - 50102 - Warm White LED Cascading Tube Light, 36 Inch


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*Power Cord Requred for the Cascading Lights*

Create Awesome eye-catching Displays by hanging LED Cascading Tube Lights from Trees, building fronts, or rooflines. Tube Lights can be viewed from all sides, which allows you to create high-impact displays, with a small number of tubes. Different Drop Speeds between each cycle, and random drops when multiple tubes are connected, give you varying looks while the display is running.

Cascading Tube Light Features Include:
  • Tube Length: 12 Inches
  • Lead Length: 6 Inches
  • Voltage: 120
  • Average Hours: 60,000
  • LED Color: Warm White
  • Bulb Type: LED
  • Bulb Style: Tubular


Seasonal lighting transforms public areas into welcoming wonderlands that draw shoppers and visitors to local attractions and events. Dull, ordinary areas can be made extraordinary with the simple addition of brilliant lighting effects. The benefits of seasonal lighting include:

  • Draws attention to the property, attracts visitors and customers
  • Creates positive goodwill with the general public
  • Wins attention from the local media


At an accelerating rate, Americans are going green, turning to efficient products that save the environment by reducing energy use. Switching to LED light can reduce power consumption up to 90% over traditional incandescent seasonal lighting, lowering the electric bill and saving precious energy resources. The jewel-like brilliance of LED lights creates dazzling effects, so there’s no reduction in quality of the display versus traditional light sets.

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