TwistIIClean Installation

Selecting An Installation Location:

  • Always install downstream of a pressure tank or pressure regulator.
  • Do not install immediately at pump discharge.
  • Install vertically with purge exit pointing downward.
  • Protect from freezing.
  • Allow clearance for operation and maintenance.
  • Plan for placement of a bucket or hose to catch purge water.
  • When installing outdoors in a sunny location, install optional sunshield to prevent algae growth in filter bowl.

6 Steps to a Successful Installation:

  • Before installation: Verify the clear bowl is hand tight on the unit. Hand-tighten only, Do Not Use Tools! Lift the red tab and rotate the top handle to verify flush mechanism works properly.
  • Align unit properly: Note the direction of flow arrow on the unit (Fig. A)
  • Assembly: Prepare threaded connections with HDPE tape provided. Use adapters for PVC connection, if required, follow solvent manufacturer’s directions for solvent-welded connections. Avoid spilling solvent or primer on filter unit (remove filter bowl to protect it during solvent welding).

    Do not overtighten the threaded connections. Do not tighten more than a 1/4 turn past finger tight.

  • Secure the TwistIIClean unit to surrounding structure using the mounting eyelets molded into the unit. This will keep the unit stable when operating the flushing mechanism. Because of the variety of mounting options across different environments, mounting hardware should be purchased separately. For a typical installation, Use 3/8" Hex Lag Screws plus washers and PVC pipe to connect to a secure surface (Fig. B).
  • Pressure test: Pressurize and fill unit slowly after installation. Check for leaks.
  • Flushing test: Prepare flushing bucket or attach hose to unit to manage flush water. After disengaging the red safety latch, twist the top handle with a 1/4 clockwise turn to begin flushing. Water should flow through the purge exit at the bottom. Twist the handle back to its “run” position, re-engage the safety latch and check for leaks (Fig. C & D).

Operation of Unit:

TWISTIICLEAN removes particles and debris as the water passes through the filter element. Periodic cleaning is necessary to optimize filter performance, reduce system pressure loss and prolong the product life.
Visually inspect the filter for material build-up. When the filter element looks like it is filled with debris, it should be cleaned.


A gentle 1/4 clockwise TWIST of the top handle begins the flushing action which backwashes the filter element, knocking off accumulated debris and carrying out the purge exit (Fig. E)