TwistIIClean Filter Elements

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    The filter element is the most important part of the TwistIIClean unit.  This mesh screen will catch the particulates that are traveling through the water line.  The size of the particulates, depends on the size of the element mesh size that you need.

    What filter element will work for my need?

    Brown ( 30 Mesh, 600 Microns ) - Removal of large particle matter.  Pre-filtering ahead of other filters or devices.  Large orifice impact sprinklers.

    White ( 60 Mesh, 250 Microns ) - Typical landscape sprinklers, Pre-filter to fine cartridge filters.

    Gray ( 100 Mesh, 150 Microns ) - Most popular size. Used for residential systems and pre-filtering before water treatment systems.

    Black ( 140 Mesh, 105 Microns ) - Drip irrigation, micro sprays, spray nozzles, and misting systems.

    Blue ( 200 Mesh, 74 Microns ) - Greatest protection. Often used on water treatment systems.

    *Keep in mind, the bigger the mesh size, the more your TwistIIClean filter will catch.  Which could also mean that it will need to be flushed more often.

    *If you have bigger particulates in your line. There could be a chance that those can get stuck in your wire mesh screen.  This will slow down your flow and could make it so that all your particulates do not flush.  If this happens you may need to create a 2-Step System.

    17 products
    The Source - 132240 - Sun Shield for TwistIIClean 1 1/2" Filter Units
    The Source - 131355 - Sun Shield for TwistIIClean 075/100 Filter Units
    The Source - 131354 - Sun Shield for TwistIIClean 2" Filter Units
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