Spring Time Pond Time

Let Your Dreams Blossom

Spring is in the air, and the yard is looking gross and barren from its winter nap.  This means that it's time to start planning which flowers you are going to host in your yard to get the best blooms in summer.

Don't forget that spring is also a great time to start thinking about what changes you would like to make to your water feature.  Many of us think that once we install the water feature into our yard.  Then that's it, it's finished, complete, we never have to touch it again.  That's not so true anymore!

Our water features are a constantly evolving ecosystem.  Now is the time to plan for that extra waterfall that you've always had your dreams on. Or a pondless area that has splashing water that the kids can play in.  Move some rocks to change the angles that the water runs around. You can add more rocks to create more noise and splashing.  Your pond is filled with innumerable options.

Write It Down!

Get your dreams down on paper.  Start creating sketches of what your ideal water feature would look like.  By writing your ideas down on paper you can better visualize the direction that you need to go, and be able to create a plan of attack to make your dreams come true.

When writing your ideas down on paper you may want to ask yourself some questions:

  • What living creatures do I want to have in my pond?  Do I want it to be a home for fish, frogs, turtles, birds, and possibly deer?

  • Do I want to add more rocks?

  • What type of plants do I want that I don't already have?

  • Can I change the direction of my stream?

  • Do I want to add on to the existing water feature?

  • Do I want a natural pond that I can swim in and enjoy the fish?

Your water feature can be an ever evolving part of your yard.  If you take the time to create a plan, and write it down on paper.  Even your wildest of dreams can become a reality.

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