Holiday Lighting Know Hows

The Holiday season is quickly coming upon us and before long the really cold weather will be here too. (Well, for many of us that is.) So right now is an excellent time to take advantage of the nice weather to get your holiday lights up. Before you know it, it will be getting too cold to be out trying to hang lights while your hands are freezing and your toes are too cold to feel pain anymore. You especially don’t want to be out hanging them when there is snow in the trees and it falls on you every time you touch a limb, or ice on the roof causing you to have to access everything by ladder! I know all about this having hung lights in the snow and freezing cold many times. It is not as much fun and goes way slower! I never fell off of any roofs thankfully! Rule #1 – Safety First!

We have a number of useful video clips courtesy of Seasonal Source that will help you to learn how to plan and hang holiday lights easier and better just like the pros do! I will be posting a couple of their how-to videos each week. Watch, learn, purchase, and then turn your home and yard into an awesome display that will surely make your neighbors envious! And with the versatility of LED lights you can even do that ‘Christmas Vacation’ layout that you have been wanting  and planning to do for years. And the power company won’t even have to generate more power!


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