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5 Ways Raised Garden Beds Will Enhance your Landscape

Posted by Chantal McCulligh on

To get raised garden beds or to not get raised garden beds, that is the question. As an avid gardener, you already know that not all garden beds are created equally. In fact, not all gardens are created equally either and there really are no two gardens the same. They may have identical plants but the quality of a garden is all in the details. Garden beds are a great place to start.

From Gronomics to Outdoor Living Today and every brand in between, here are our favorite gardening benefits you will receive when you lift your plants up high. 

Higher quality air for higher quality growth

Although plants really only need soil, water, and air to survive, they’re actually a little more high maintenance than that. In fact, your plants want the best of all three – and it starts with the air.

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Raised garden beds allow your plants to breathe more efficiently, soaking in the oxygen and discharging the carbon monoxide better than they can when planted in the ground. The extra room to breathe also makes it easier for the roots to absorb the nutrients from the soil, making your garden grow fully and healthily. While raised garden beds don’t necessarily provide higher quality air per se, they do provide a higher quality aeration system and your plants will appreciate it. 

Proper drainage to deter drowning

While plants love to bathe in the heavy rains of spring, they don’t like to do so for too long. Proper drainage is imperative to a full, lush garden and even the shortest shower can leave all kinds of moisture drowning the roots if you’re not careful.

Raised garden beds are basically the babysitter for your garden. They make sure your plants get hydrated without leaving them in soaking wet soil. This is crucial for the health of your plants, as too much water can suffocate the roots causing your plants to deteriorate. Constant moisture also allows for bacteria and fungus to grow, which can make a blooming garden look dark and gloomy in no time.

Keep animals out

If you have an animal problem in your backyard, you need raised garden beds. There’s never a fence too higher for a hungry rabbit. It’s like they’re the most dedicated garden-destroyers out there.raised garden beds, plants, gardens, gardening benefits, landscape

All jokes aside, raised garden beds won’t necessarily keep animals out. However, they do make it harder for some species to enjoy a meal on your dollar. This is also a huge benefit if you have pets of your own who like to explore the outdoors.

Animals are like toddlers; you have to raise everything up and out of their reach of they’ll totally destroy it.

Sufficient pest control

Speaking of animals, pests are no better for your garden. While it can be near impossible to completely eliminate all the creepy crawlies happening in your landscape, raised garden beds do make it easier to control.

Since your plants aren’t sitting directly on the earth, it’s harder for pests to creep in. Yes, including those rodents who seem to have insane climbing capabilities.

You may want to install a liner at the bottom and sides of your raised garden beds to deter the pests even more. But either way, raised garden beds give you better protection and they make it easier to spot any infestations so you can tackle them at once.

More time to do what you love

Another benefit to not having your garden right in the ground is that you get more time to do what you love. You don’t have to wait for the frozen ground to thaw out which can take forever depending on where you live.   As soon as the weather gets nice, you can start planting your seeds and bulbs. Plus, seedlings grow better in cool weather so you can turn your backyard into a lush statement quicker than all your neighbors.


You also get to benefit from having raised garden beds.  Since they’re higher in height you don’t have to bend down as much or as far. You’ll definitely appreciate the decrease in back strain you get to experience while pampering your garden this season.  Plus, the raised garden bed styles at Yard Outlet are stunning. You won't regret making the switch. 

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