Pumpkin Falls

For around 30 years there has been a fall event in my community called the 'Pumpkin Walk'. It has become a a traditional event for tens of thousands of people from all around! It started originally in an old farm yard where the elderly owners used their old barn and farmyard as the setting for using pumpkins, squash, corn stalks and other items from the garden to make Halloween and fall season scenes. Witches, headless horseman, spiders and much more made out of pumpkins were laid out around the farm for all to come and see. This was a free event and they even gave out cookies and hot cider to all who came. As popularity grew each year it quickly outgrew the location and the city took over the event moving it to one of the city parks where it would have room to grow. The couple continued to be a part of it until they passed away. There has always been a farm scene with a tractor and farm animals dedicated to these sweet founders of the event. I am sure that when they started it for fun that they never imagined it would turn into something so big that people would come from many miles away just to see it each year!


For many years my family has been involved in this event setting up a display based on a certain theme for the year. Some themes have been favorite games, cartoons, movies, etc. It has been fun to see the creativity of those in the community who volunteer their time and talents! The pictures below are some of the ones that my family and I have done over the years. Check out the waterfalls coming out of the pumpkins! The images aren't very good but you get the idea. (click on the images to see them better)


A lot can be done with landscape products such as waterfall pumps, holiday lighting, and landscape lighting. What can you do with these things to spruce up your yard this fall for the holiday season?

pumpkinwalk_2pumpkinwalk_4Pumpkin walkpumpkinwalk_3


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