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Hopefully you have had a chance to walk around your neighborhood and see what the Jones' have done with their places. (Refer to post: Looking and Learning). Maybe you were even able to make a new friend or two, get some ideas of what you did/did not like, or at the very least you got some exercise.  Now what do you do?

Let's go into your own lot now and take a look.

If you live in the Midwest there may be nothing but flat ground to look at. In the mountain states you may have a lot of slopes on your site. There may be a lot of trees or it may be bare as the desert. Whatever you have, take some time to check for these things:

  • Front yard problems.
  • Back yard problems.
  • Side yard problems.
  • Drainage issues.
  • Steep slopes.
  • Soil types.
  • Existing problem plants.
  • Junk material.

Now that you have discovered the problems or issues of concern, take some time to look for these:

  • Front yard potentials.
  • Back yard potentials.
  • Side yard potentials
  • Advantageous slopes.
  • Existing quality plants.
  • Existing usable materials.

I know it sounds redundant, but it is necessary.

Take pictures so that you can quickly look at everything while eating dinner and watching something like the landscape shows on HGTV. Let your mind wander about the potential of your yard. Write down the good ideas and the bad. Take some time to think about things. Tomorrow you may have some new thoughts. I know I often do a day or two later.

Now that you have collected a lot of information, I will throw even more things at you in my next post. All of this is guiding you towards the perfect yard!

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