Welcome to our blog at Here at, we are extremely excited about this blog and what it will offer.  Whether you came here from our website, a blog search engine, or a referral from a friend, we are glad you are checking us out. We want this to be a blog that you will follow often. We hope to make it informative and fun!

Our goal with this blog is to give you, the reader, all the information that you need to install, troubleshoot, or maintain your yard. We will cover topics such as outdoor landscape lights, water garden ideas, sprinkler systems, sprinkler repairs, gardens, playgrounds, holiday lighting and much more. We will share pictures, videos, and articles about landscaping projects  and landscaping ideas.  We want you the reader, to feel free to make comments on the posts, share information, and even ask questions. We want to share our love of the yard and landscape with you!

We will be posting a couple of times a week, so become a follower and join us on our journey to better yards for everyone! 

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