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While studying abroad in 2002, Jason Stoter discovered an entrepreneur selling hammocks on a beach on the West Coast of Mexico. A deal was struck for Jason's first hammock. Inspiration was immediately kindled and a business concept was born. Once studies were complete, he researched hammocks from villages in the Yucatan peninsula where they had been produced for generations. This was the inception of Hammock Village.

The next few years provided exponential growth for the company. This and many other highlights heralded the business name change from Hammock Village to Vivere Ltd. With a primary focus on providing great quality hammocks and accessories with superior customer service, other product lines were developed to grow the outdoor living category. Fresh contemporary designs, and vibrant exclusive colours continued to be a mainstay of the company. Creating a needed and necessary foil for hectic lives, Vivere Ltd desires to promote leisure to calm 21st century woes. Today, coast to coast, whether backyard, balcony or backpacking, Vivere Ltd. continues to have a passion for the outdoors and will aid in rest and relaxation.

Vivere – Vivir – To Live Vivere was inspired during Jason’s time in Mexico, 2002. Since then, the "hammock" has symbolized a balanced lifestyle which is a great way to live: Vivere!


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