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Vista Pro Packs

The Vista Outdoor Lighting Pro Pack is the ultimate solution for a quick install.  Each kit comes with Vista's biggest sellers, and in the most popular colors.  The only extra items you'll need to buy is the direct burial wire and wire nuts.  Everything else comes in the kit.

Here at Yard Outlet, we have grown a liking for Vista Outdoor Lighting.  All the fixtures are made here in the USA, and the quality is top notch. We've had customer run into the fixture with, yard tractors, children's bikes, yard tools, if you can think of it, we've got a story for it.  These fixtures stand up to the abuse, and keep going.

Vistas lights work well in almost any yard.  Architectural Bronze and Black are the most popular colors.  The fixtures blend in well with the landscape, and allow the light to be the show. Outdoor lighting also brings the feeling of safety and warmth to the darkest of yards.

You'll be happy with your new Vista lighting.

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