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Valentine's Day

Now that the holiday season is over, I really miss the festive lighting all throughout town.  This year I branched out and put up lights for Valentines day.  I was surprised at how quick our home lit up with a happier feeling during the winter blues.

I used a combination of a Pure White Shimmer Strand, and Pink 5mm Convex Twinkle strand to spread around my bushes.  Both strands can be found here on Yard Outlet.  Click on their names and a link will take you to their page.

lights on bushes

One of the best perks about Seasonal Source lighting is that it's cool to the touch.  This makes the strands very versatile in what you can do with them.   A couple years ago I made a Valentine's Day themed garland with a strand of C7 bulbs.  Check out the blog post on how this strand was made.  Valentine's Day Garland.

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