Twist II Clean

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    Welcome to the new home of the TwistIIClean Water Filter.

    What is the TwistIIClean for all of you who are new?

    TwistIIClean is your new ZERO-MESS SOLUTION

    TwistIIClean is an easy to use sediment filter for home use. Built with a 200% larger screen area, it is made to remove sand and sediment from water.

    With it's revolutionary design, there's no need for regular manual cleaning. Simply twist to clean, removing the hassle of shutting off your water supply.

    No disassembly, no problem.

    41 products
    The Source - 131557V - T2C-200-60 TwistIIClean 2" ( 60 Mesh, White )
    $ 946.02
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