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Yard Outlet - 37603R Shimmering LED 5mm Blue Light Strand, 50 Lights - Yard Outlet

Seasonal Source - 37603R Shimmering LED 5mm Blue Light Strand, 50 Lights

Seasonal Source

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New for the 2018 holiday season are the 5MM Shimmering light strands.  Shimmering strands are an upgrade to the traditional "Twinkle" strand.  Instead of having one bulb twinkle on and off.  With Shimmer you get every bulb on the strand slowly fading in at out.  Each bulb shimmers independently from each other.  This creates a fantastic shimmering effect, and gives life and movement to every strand.

Shimmering strands are also an excellent choice for those who want to get crafty.  Because these are LED bulbs, they will be cool to the touch.  Which gives you the freedom to have ribbons, yarn, deco mesh, plastic elements, etc.. to touch the bulb without it being a fire hazard, or hot to touch!

When you initially plug in the strand all the lights will blink at the same time.  After five or so blinks the strand will kick into their own random pattern of shimmering.


  • Bulb Count: 50 bulbs per strand
  • Strand Length: 25.17'
  • Total Lighted Length: 24.5'
  • Light Spacing: 6"
  • Wattage: 2.4W
  • Can connect up to 45 strands end to end
  • Plug Ends:  Standard Male / Female ends
  • Lead / Tail Length: 6"
  • Bulb Style: 5MM Shimmer
  • 1 Piece Bulb Construction
    • Bulbs cannot be switched out if one goes out.
    • Strand will continue to work if one bulb goes out.
  • Case Quantity: 24 Strands
    • *Call for custom pricing on Case Quantity

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