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Double Switch

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Double Switch
Operate 2 Valves from a Single Station

Does activating 2 valves with only one pair of good field wires sound impossible?

Not with Double Switch. Now you can solve broken wire headaches without needing to trench in more wiring.

ust like other popular doubling devices, the Double Switch will alternately activate each of the zones with every other cycle of the controller.

Standard Features:
  • Uses one wire to power 2 different zone valves by alternately operating them with every other cycle of the controller. The first time it receives power, it operates the first zone valve for the programmed time. The next time the station is turned on, it switches to the second valve and runs it for the programmed time. The every-other cycle operation is simple.
  • Both valves run for the same amount of time.

Solve these problems:
  • Bypass a broken wire by running two valves from one wire. No need to trench additional wire.
  • Divide low pressure zones by adding a new valve.
Note: If independent timing and individual control is needed for the two valves, use the R Co. Add-A-Zone, it works on most 24-volt systems, rated for 50,000 operations and 0.5 AMPS.

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