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    Fountains are a source of dramatic effect for your home garden. Throughout history, fountains were created in honor of an event or to show praise for a popular figure. With the growth in popularity for home fountains, you can now honor yourself, and create a dramatic feeling in your home garden that will slice off a piece of the greatest garden displays in the world right in your own backyard.

    Smart Living Home and Garden is our premiere brand that offers solar powered fountains. These fountains will cost you nothing to run. The solar panels will capture the sun each day, and run the pump well into the night. With this benefit you can now have a fountain wherever you want in your yard without the need to run electricity.

    Some of the fountains that we have can double as bird baths. Attracting birds to your yard has been a pastime for many centuries. Birds ring in the sounds and sites of spring and summer.

    With the size and durability of modern day home fountains. There should be no reason that you wouldn't want to bring whimsy to your secret garden. Shop our fountain category today!

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