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Landscape Ideas

Posted by John Jenkins on

Hopefully you have had a fun time figuring out what you want in your yard. (I hope no fights broke out over whose idea was better or who gets the ultimate decision on things. lol) Now it comes down to the details. You want a fountain. What kind? How about a patio. What kind of materials? Do you want a sitting wall or a fire pit built in? How about a water fountain in the wall? What kind of pathways? Drip systems or sprays? There are so many options that at times it seems overwhelming! Now I am a "realist", so I know that sometimes, it just comes down to how much money you have. A reality that most all of us face. But we still need to know these things, right?

I often find that even with my best efforts I cannot come up with a great idea for a particular area in my yard or the right material for a certain project. So where do I go? To the magazine aisle in the grocery store of course! I love to look at all of the ads in between the 2 or 3 pictures of landscapes in each magazine! Seriously though, I go to the internet like everyone else. Where else can you find so many ideas in so little time? I spent some time pinning items to our Pinterest boards. Ideas and pictures of landscapes  and things that I liked. You can check it out here. I think you will like what is on there. We will continue adding more things. If you have an account, follow us!

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