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Looking and Learning

Posted by John Jenkins on

In my last post I wrote about the importance of a plan before starting to install or renovate your landscape. Today I would like to give you some things to think about as you start your designing process.

There are a number of things that you may want to consider. First, what kind of neighborhood are you in? What style of home do you have? Are all the homes on the street the same? Different? Do you even have neighbors? Are you part of an HOA? If so, there may be certain restrictions or standards that you have to follow.  Whatever your situation, it is important to fit in with what is around you. But, keep in mind, you don’t want to be just like everyone else.

Take some time to walk down your street or around your neighborhood. What do you like? Not like? It should be pretty easy to make a list of these things. Make sure you write them down. This will help later. Ask your neighbors about their yards, especially the ones you like (the yards you like, not just the neighbors you like). Ask what plants work? Is their patio/deck big enough? What would they add/remove? You know what to ask. Find out all that you can. Learn from others. Who knows, maybe you will even make some new friends while you are out. They might even help you install your landscape! If not, invite them over to enjoy it with you when it is done, anyway.

Another thing that would help your landscape match your home is to follow a general rule: spend 20 – 30% of the value of your home on your landscape.  If you do it yourself you can go less. There is nothing like seeing a million dollar home with a $10,000 landscape. It doesn’t look right. Put value into your landscape and it will pay off big time by adding property value that increases over time. Mature landscapes add a lot of value, or at least make it easier to sell if you ever move someday. There is just something about a beautiful, established yard that makes you feel at home.

These are simple ideas but they will make your designing much easier. Get out and enjoy! I will have more ideas to help you in my next post that will help you refine your design. Feel free to make comments about what you liked or didn’t like as you walked around your neighborhood. Happy looking!

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