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Intelligent Irrigation

Posted by John Jenkins on

Introducing the Aquajet by Intelligent Irrigation

Saves Water and Improves Growth

Being in the subsurface and with it's aeration capability the AquaJet saves water and improves your growth.

Delivery System

The AquaJet is a delivery system that can deliver air, water and nutrients through the system and into the root zone. With a 150 mesh filter to keep debris out, along with an anti siphon valve to allow the air in after each watering cycle. You now have the ability to feed nutrients into the root zone through the AquaJet . With the AquaJet you will grow stronger turf and more nutritous vegetables.

Conserve with Aquajet

 If you want to conserve water, eliminate waste and still grow a beautiful lawn & bigger better vegetables then Intelligent Irrigation LLC is here to help you succeed. 

The AquaJet irrigation system was designed to save water and improve your growth. The AquaJet Irrigation system is more than a watering system it is a delivery system that delivers air, water and nutrients into the root zone. The AquaJet is installed 3 to 4 inches under the surface and has a parallel spray every 12 inches the water will bore a hole and reach out and then the waters capillary action will cause it to spread giving you total watering uniformity. After every watering cycle the water will drain from the system due to the anti-siphon valve and will drain down to the bottom hole and then the next time the watering cycle comes on all the air gets pushed into the root zone this will happen  before every watering cycle,  this will promote a thicker root mass and a better environment in the soil for the beneficial microbes.

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